Fandom Taylor Swift makes before the arrival of the new album ‘Lover’


#TaylorSwiftIsLovedParty the hashtag, with the you is you in for sure Twitter and the form in which the swifties are have shown, that already with the anticipation of the arrival of the new album Lover of Taylor Swift.

It was not more than a month Taylor Swift announced that the next 23. august the light of new material, the label is the name Lover. Not to mention that Taylor is, with this new material in the coming MTV Video Music Awards in 2019. Because all the fandom status is ” waiting for further details and the arrival of the much-anticipated day.

Taylor Swift Lover album

Until now You Need to Calm Down the only this is simply what has been sent down, from the new album. A song was recently premiered by the success achieved, are characteristic for all the singles Taylor Swift. Lover it is an album full of new, resurgence, the talent of Taylor, according to their Reputation Tour in 2017.

And given that the swifties are not with the sense of arrival Lover; these are some of the tweets that have invaded you were, #TaylorSwiftIsLovedParty.

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