Fortnite almost Epic Games canceled


One of the most famous currently games you could end up very badly. Rod Fergusson, the play Fortnite from the time, as a battle royale zawojowało market, and was ready to cancel the project.

Although it PUBG started cheerful battle royaleyou can tell that palmed off with only the idea of the company Epic Gamesin it Fortniteby at the same time single and free product. Currently Fortnite Battle Royale Holy Triumphs. Some of crazy for the game, others will get him mad and not be able to resist everything that is connected with it. And a lot was missing, about Fortnite no one belongs to.

Fortnite – cancel the game was in the vicinity

The Ex-producer of Epic Games has a amazing statement during conversation with the editor of the site Game Informer. Rod Fergusson, worked as Executive producer and Director of publishing at Epic Games in 2012, showed that the abolition Fortnite was very close.

Everything was well-known in the course of the The GI Show (Video below). Fergusson talked about his current role in the Studio The CoalitionPeople Gears 5. Then the conversation came up Fortnitethe developers worked from the beginning. The name at that time owned only PvE mode to Save The World. It was in the times in which the return battle royale no one has said nothing. Before the mania started in this kind of fun and Fortnite Battle Royale was famous, Fergusson left the ranks of Epic Games.

Rod Fergusson admitted that many people ask him question, not departure from Epic Games, and not the feeling of disappointment that the game he was working on, now under the wings of other people collects applause regrets. – When I went to the Epic, anulowałbym Fortnite… Before, I tried to cancel Fortnite Fergusson says.

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The developer said that the game was a real Problem with the time, than to Save The World. As the then production Manager, Mr Fergusson said that the game is in the state, in this Moment, not to a satisfactory level, to invest in you time and effort.