Fortnite: the mysterious character before the beginning of the new Chapter 2 of the season


Chapter 2. Season 2. Fortnite was going to happen, but a couple of times, but it seems that we are nearing, inevitably, to the exit. Epic feeds the player the teaserami that, in General, are not uncommon – just that this Teaser is much more enigmatic than before.

Teaser began on Monday morning, a couple of encrypted Tweets with the official Account Fortnite on Twitter. Everything in it is black and Gold – the same colors, acquired the Logo in the game Fortnite from Epic. Garbled graphics on the face in the mask, a pack of dynamite and gas cylinders are in the end. Only that it is still not known what that actually means.

Meanwhile, on the Server last light is one of the games of the Bots happens to be “activated” users. The bot is called The Agency that looks kind of like a secret organization in the universe of the game that operates somehow on the world map. The Agency is it, for example, on Tuesday morning, when across the map posters with similar graphs, such as in the above-mentioned Tweets. Accompanied their telephone numbers and short messages. Most of them talk about the “hover-agent” and The Agency is on the lookout for new recruits. One of the messages mentioned about the operations on the rig, while one of the graphics shows something like large boats. Case?

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So far, all have this Teaser is all Epic players, but probably soon there will be more, before the Premiere of the new season on the 20.