Harleys in Hawaii is the new Katy Perry | music


An autobiographical story. The new song of will Katy Perry get the witnesses, the soon of Never really over.

Harleys in Hawaii is the name for this new single from Katy Perry, who has not hesitated to give you all the details of the moment you created this topic during the program Zach Sang Show“I was recording American Idol and the whole world would go to Hawaii, and I died to a round on a Harley copn Orlando. We spent a few days there and you know, she mounted a motorcycle and the wind was in the face it is very beautiful and amazing. I can describe to do the exact moment in which the folds a corner on the island of Oahu and I came up with a song.”

Though once completed Witness TourKaty Perry believes that she would just take a break and not a new hard drive, would the fact that they are displayed, these songs his intention seemed to contradict.

However, in the family, it has made it clear: “I don’t want to burn a disk, but Yes, I will continue to write songs and go into the studio. I have a couple of songs that I love, and I’m excited that we are now in the very near future. And when the body calls for me to a disk…”.

It is clear that “never say never”. And if you are on the back of a Harley through Hawaii. It will have to wait a few days to discover, if you the premiere of the new single of Katy Perry is all over the world.

So far we have only see it in a swimsuit rolling on the beaches and sucks in leather riding on a motorcycle. Scene of shooting on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

To achieve Katy Perry more motera.