Harry Styles truly about Taylor Swift, her ex-partner


In the year 2012, the rumors about an alleged relationship between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles began. In this moment, straight through the boom in One Direction while the career of the us-American artist in full swing.

Finally, the connection was confirmed, and both lived a romance this year. In fact, very viral pictures of the two of them were, and welcome the year 2013 at Times Square in New York.

It was very nice, the relationship lasted a long time and both rose to their romance. However,for Taylor Swift not have been so idyllic and dedicated to him the song ‘Out of the woods’, a theme that is quickly dispatched, but good on Harry Styles.

However,well, the years have passed, it seems that none of the artists you cherish a grudge against someone else. Both Taylor Swift as well as Harry Styles spent a page and the British artist became a partner recently to an interview with the radio station ‘Sirius XM’, in which he talked about his ex and the song that he:

“I think, for me, for someone to give you a song to another person, is not something flattering, even if the song is flattering so. She spent time in him, and at the end, with Taylor, as an example, is a great composer. So at least good songs are

And he added: “The only time when you think the song, personally, is when you think, ‘what Will be annoying for the other person?’ because I don’t care”

Also, the thing is not to end, Harry Styles also spoke about her plans for the future and be assured that you will love, spend the altar one day“I believe that a large part of this is that you will have enough time between the two, so that we can get to know us, but you have to extra other things”