Jennifer Lopez admits that he is very disappointed about the non-nomination of Oscar-2020 | crooks


For Jennifer Lopezthe 2020 is the year. In just two months “Crooks“(also known as “Estafadoras the Wall Street“), the film, the main role has to be praised in one of more of the criticism. Also the ground was made, on the stage of the Hard Rock Stadium, with your partner, Shakira, this is one of the best shows in the history of the Super Bowl.

However, the artist is disappointed to have felt recently confessed to, and this to let him know Oprah Winfrey in the last interview, in Los Angeles, as part of Oprah ‘ s 2020 Vision Tour. The reason for his disappointment is not to have been nominated as supporting actress for the Oscar-2020in spite of the criticism of the view that the puerto-deserved Rican, for his role as Ramona Vega, a stripper by profession, in the film “the crook”.

“I got a lot of good information-more than ever before in my career, and there were many. ‘You will be, a nomination for an Oscar. Happen; if you do not, you’re crazy. I read all the articles that say: ‘my God, how could this happen?’ And then it was not so. It was a little disappointing“he complained the actress.


The singer confessed, he suffered in front of his computer for more than two decades, and I felt that decepcionaba not even be a proposal for the statuette Academy of Hollywood.

But the sadness was temporary and popular ‘J. Lo’ what he knew: “‘Why are you doing this? You want people to say, you did a good job’, and I realized: ‘no, you don’t need that, do you what you love'”, the time that I realized that I do not need this award to tell me that I have enough“, Roman times, before the tv presenter.

And although the Oscar to evaluate Jennifer Lopez as she thought, Yes, what they did, on the other hand, the Golden globesthe Prices of the trade Union of actors and the Awards: Independent Spiritwas nominated for ” Best actress in a supporting role, for a total of three successes in the year 2020, although not all of the statuettes. (With information from Europa Press).