Jennifer Lopez surprised with a new look, after your presentation in the Super Bowl


The sophisticated style of the diva will be imposed in the Bronx! With a new look, Jennifer Lopez loved his followers when you wear a hairstyle that makes you look elegant, but a lot of young people.

After the success in the spectacular presentation of the show in the half-time break of the Super Bowl, the singer surprised the post a picture of him looks radiant and beautiful, with a cut, of want to all women and celebrities today: the bob style.

With a high neck design, full of sequins beige and a steam long skirt, deep violet, Jennifer Lopez ends shined on the red carpet of the awards the Film Independent Spirit Awards, where it shows the snapshot your new hairstyle.

To see the change of the look of Jennifer Lopez, she does, bright and less age after the Super Bowl Photo/@jlo

Without a doubt, the singer and actress, your 50 years looks more energetic than ever before and a plastic body, the elegance and sophistication that you know each of the outfits combined with natural make-up, and fine, all-in-one look in harmony with what imposes a fashion, so Jlo.

Jennifer Lopez risks and play non-stop with new styles that you do, to see, renewedwith this bob at the height of their shoulders.

Jennifer Lopez surprised with a new look, according to the representation in the Super Bowl Photo/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez went for an imposing mane to bob captivating

Her mane, delighted its fans in the show of the Super Bowl, with beautiful waves, combined with the sophisticated and original designs of Versace. But the singer breaks schemes and is not afraid to assert themselves, a change of look renewed will be displayed.

The latest edition of the final of the league of american football, see a diva was keeping your beauty secrets, but pay attention to every detail of your body, the breakthrough at the stage where you can show your talent.

Her stylist, Chris Appleton, shared some details of the coloring Jennifer Lopez is wearing in her hair. Although the exact color is not revealed, said that the sound that is used today is referred to as a “Golden Brown”, which is not more than a sum of the soft colors of chestnut, clear, combined with a touch of shades of honey blonde, which gives it a look of regio.