Katy Perry loses lawsuit


The song Dark horsehe has a lot of success in the voice of the American singer Katy Perry, the since it since 2013, a copy of which is partially a topic in the rap-Christian, decided by a court in Los Angeles, California.

Five years ago, rappers Marcus Gray, better known as Flame, put the demand under the argument that Perry has the rhythm of your theme Joyful noisepart of the hard drive, Our world: Redeemed (2008).

In collaboration with Juicy J, Dark horsefrom the album “Prism” (2013), is one of the topics, the most successful Katy Perry, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, were part of the production.

In the judgment of the artist, as well as the rest of the musicians and the team involved in the creation of a simple, insured that they had never heard of it Joyful noiseof Flame.

After The Hollywood Reporterthe lawyers of Perry argues that the similarity between the two topics in the fundamental rhythms, so that Flame could not claim copyright, while the representatives of the rapper pointed out that the singer and her creative team copiaronuna apart is important for your song.

The jury determined that the person responsible for the plagiarism, the six composers Dark horsealso to Perry and rapper Juicy J, who has a verse on the theme of music.

The song has sold 13 million copies around the world and your video was the first female artist to reach one billion views on platforms playback.

Well, the jury is analyzed, such as to compensate to Gray and damages.

From the editorial of The Herald of Mexico