Kim Kardashian and Kourtney fight finally in the program (Video)


The season 18 of the program “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” more lights than all the others. The discussions in the family to come to the point of blows. So he did know about it Kim Kardashian in a video released your social networks.

The relations in the Kardashian – Jenner family don’t go so well and you could see in the clip, a promo for the next season of the show. Apparently Kim and Kourtney the protagonists of a huge second minutes.

The video shows the differences between the sisters. In the pictures, if Kourtney throws a bottle of water-Kim and this reacts so violently.

You have nothing to say“says Kourtney, while he was the object of his sister and to manotearla. Immediately, Kim angrier, pushes and says to him stands: “Don’t always jump out at me“.

The scene shows that none of the two is ready to attack, the can’t see but what it ends the dispute. The season for the first time on 26 March through the channel E! Entertainment.

Reactions in the networks according to the video of Kim Kardashian

The followers in the social networks responded with memes and comments, the question of what happened between the sisters. Some believe that this really happened () such a struggle, and others say that the hostility between them came to the stop. The morbid-can’t wait to see the alleged fight.

  • @ValentinoSnow27 “This fight between Kim and Kourtney sees it is wrong and libreteada”.
  • @Easy butterflies “I want to see the fight of Kim and Kourtney Jajajaja from the temp-17 lust”.
  • @FatimaAbigailE2 “Wey nomms worfeln what are good drama,, read, kourtney and Kim in the prox-season!!! The emocióooonnn auuuu”.
  • @TodoMePasa “People, the more wrong when the fight blows between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian”.

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