Kim Kardashian shares photo seems to be of his youth, and fans say the clone of Chicago


Photo from Instagram.

The genes of Kim Kardashian are strong, and a current photograph, which he shows on his account Instagram. The Socialite posted a picture of his youth, from the year 1990, than it was in the ninth grade.

His followers reported that not much changed since then, but what surprised the most was her striking resemblance to one of his daughters.

The users saw in the photo looks identical to its third offshoot, West Chicago, and two years seems to be their clone.

“Oh my God, you and Chi are the same”, “Chi-Chi is your twin”, “Chicago, where are you?”, “You look like Chi in this photo, looks exactly like Chi”, “Chi is your twin”, commented some of his followers.

You see this posting on Instagram

9th grade

A publication released Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) the

Although it is no secret that Kim has undergone more than an aesthetic procedure, your fans saw that her face has drastically changed, and retains some of the groups of your youth.
“Beautiful, without any changes. They are egalitarian,” “you all have genes that beautiful thanks for sharing said this with us, the true fans appreciate that very much,” his loyal fans.