Learn more about ten of the movies that celebrate the signing by the managing Director to the International women’s day


International women’s day, which is celebrated this Sunday, the 8. is to reflect, a time to, the rights won by women in recent years in all areas of life. And in the theater, these developments play out, even if it is not the best option.

With this in mind, in the reflection on the data, without the need to talk about the film, in 17 of the 22 members of the film society, the people have chosen to make lists of films directed by women. The race was hard fought, and the voters have individual lists of ten films directed by women, which are numbered in order of preference, from 1 to 10. The result was better than I expected.

Mentioned above Have been cited in over 70 films in a 49-key, and one of them, they are twelve in Brazil (as Anna Carolina at chapel hill, the state Jorane, Castro, Anna Muylaert, Lais BondansKy, Gabriela Almeida, Carla Camurati, Monique garden mountain, the Standard Benguel, Kátia Lund (Sweden), Malu di Martino, Lucia Murat, and Also the coffee).

Some of the principals had more than one work is cited on the list. Three movies have been recalled, Barbra Streisand, Susan Bondasky, Penny Marshall, Katerine Bigelow, and Sofia Coppola. Two works have been cited by Julie Taymor, Jane Campion, Greta Gerwing, Céline Sciamma, Jan Jinkins, Lucretia Martel, Director: Liliana Cavani and Agnes Fontaine.

List In the past, with the counting of the votes were as follows: In the 1. Place. “The Piano” (Jane Campion), 84 points, and references 11 further reading; 2. To read “similarities and differences” (Sofia Coppola) with 80 points and references 11 further; 3. Place. “When is she coming Back?” (Anna Muylaert), with a total of 56 points, and the seven references in the 4. Division. “We need to Talk about Kevin” (Lynne Ramasay, with 49 points, and the six references in the 5th. “Cleo from 5 to 7” (by Agnès Varda, with a 36-point, and five references; 6. “Across the Universe” (Julie Taymor), with 28 points and five references, to the 7. Place. “Time to Wake up ” (Penny Marshall) with 28 points and five references: in-8°. “American psycho” (Mary Harron), with a 28-point, and five references; and 9. “Seven beauties Pasqualino” (Lina wertmuller) with 24 points, and three references; and 10. “Lady Bird” (a pun on ” Greta Gerwig), with 21 points and five references.

The importance of the film “The Grand Piano” he won the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993. The plot shows a repressed woman, Ada McGrath (Holly Hunter), mute, forced a man to marry, does not love you. You moved to new Zealand in the company of her daughter Flora (Anna Paquin). Ada immediately antipatiza with her husband, if he refuses to transport her beloved piano to trade in the instrument with George Baines (Harvey Keitel). Attracted to Ada, Baines agrees to have the piano in exchange for a few hours in the instrument and teach that sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. “The Piano” also won the Oscar for Best actress (Hunter) and Best supporting actress (Paquin) and Jane Champion, has been nominated for Best Director.

“Similarities and differences” (2003) directed by Sofia Coppola, that is, as the name already says, the delivery, is the daughter of Director Francis Ford Coppola. She says in the film, is the story of a young woman, Charlotte ((Scarlett Johansson), which she accompanies her husband on a business trip to Tokyo, Japan. Lonely and suffering from the time it has been involved with the American actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray), the start in the city, his latest film. This film won the academy award for Original score in 2004. Sofia was nominated for the academy award for directing and the film won the Golden Globe award and the Cesar for Best Foreign Film.

In the movie Brazil “When is she coming Back?” it is the year 2015. It ran on the Sundance film Festival 2015, where the Actresses, actors Regina Casé and Camila Márdila won the Special Jury prize in the category of performance and was selected for the Berlinale 2015. The plot shows the state of Val (Regina Casé), after São Paulo, to a better life for her daughter, Jessica (Camila Márdila), works as a maid in the home of a family. To come to give thirteen years later, when the child in the family (Michel Joelsas), the entrance exam, He decides, of the same breed, to be St. Paul. But the social differences are emerging.

“We need to Talk about Kevin” it is for the year 2011. Shown at the Cannes film Festival in the same year, the film that has caused discomfort in the audience with the theme heavy on the violence at the school. The story shows the desperation of the mother, played by Tilda Swinton, who is in a relationship with the oldest son, Kevin is very complicated, back when he was a baby. In the course of time, the situation is even worse, but still to that the child very good, you never would have thought that he would be able to do it.

“Cleo from 5 to 7 in. it is a French film made in 1969 and shows the story of Cleo (Corinne Marchand), a French singer anxious wait on the results of a survey. The test will show whether it works or not cancer of the stomach. Not knowing what to do, Cleo wanders through Paris, and spends an hour-and-a-half is not something casual, looking for a distraction, until she meets a soldier who is to go, the war in Algeria. The managing Director is Jean-Luc Godard with the actors Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Brialy be noted, with which the film was nominated for the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Across the Universe” it is a 2007 film that tells a story of love, inspired several of the songs of The Beatles. The film was nominated for an academy award for Best costume design and a Golden Globe award for Musical or Comedy.

“Time to Wake up” it is from the 1990s. In the Bronx, in 1969, Malcolm Sayer (Robin Williams) is a neurologist at a psychiatric clinic. There are several patients to be the catatônicos seem, but the Sayer chooses Leonard Lowe (Robert De Niro), which was for decades a “sleeper”, with L-DOPA, a new drug was applied to patients with Parkinson’s disease. Gradually, He recovered himself again, and that it calls for Sayer to manage L-DOPA in other patients. The patient showed signs of improvement, and would like to catch up for lost time, but He begins to show strange and dangerous side effects. De Niro was nominated for an academy award for Best actor for this film.

“American Psycho” it is a Film from the year 2000. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a young, white, and without anything to distinguish it from its counterparts on Wall Street, but it is also a this serial killer.who wanders freely and without fear in search of a new victim. A cravings-Killer, stoked to gnaw through the zealous materialism, envy, and jealousy, and when he finds someone who has more of it, that makes him a dangerous and violent psychopath.

“Seven Beauties Pasqualino” it is an Italian movie from the year 1975. During the Second world war, the Italian, Pasqualino Frafuso (Giancarlo Giannini) deserted from the army, but was captured by the Germans, who send him to a concentration camp, where he will do almost anything to survive. In the flashbacks seen in a family with seven sisters and no attraction (one of the seven beauties and other stories. Much to the chagrin of his carcereira, German, Pasqualino plays a character who is weak and cowardly, but one that allows him to survive the war and return to Naples.

“Lady Bird” this is a film that in the autumn of 2017. Christine McPherson who prefers to be called, Mrs bird (Saoirse Ronan) is, in the last year of high school and wants to go to college, far away in Sacramento, Calif., where he still lives, an idea that the feast of your mother (Laurie Metcalf) to be rejected. The girl with a strong personality and don’t give in and take the plane to go to the front of it. It is the students in the Catholic school, the first relationship, the typical rites-of-passage into adulthood, and the numerous run flows from the obligations-ins with her mother. At the Oscars in 2018, the “Lady Bird” was the Best Film, Director, leading actress (Saoirse Ronan) is nominated in the categories, supporting actress (Laurie Metcalf), and Original screenplay, and was also awarded the Golden Globe award in the year 2018 in the category of Best Comedy or Musical, and Best featured Actress (Saoirse Ronan).