More than 1,300 complaints were Bowl after the show part-time, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the Super-2020


The live show of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl in 2020 was still catalogued messages, but this time to be so negative, because up to now, more than 1,300 complaints about your presentation have been accumulated, the “inappropriate” and even “porn. So Fox showed.

Show part-time, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl in 2020


The Federal Communications commission (FCC) had the task to quantify, the negative reviews are mostly from parents, who reported that she was on the show was a “performance strip-club-category “X” and the transfer, in a opening hours to be inappropriate, because he was the whole family gathers watching the sports game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The complaints went to the National Football League (NFL), entrusted to the Pepsi brand sponsor of the event is transferred to the schedule of the family.

Reactions and complaints in the social networks

While the show was very of both figures, praised by to fanaticada there were also many conservative sectors, which made its decision prior to the presentations of Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, because your criterion, there were elements of that very objectionable and pictures of the show, like a couple of strippers inside and touch a part of your body, very suggestive.

Most of the complaints brought by the fiancée of Alex Rodriguez, he proved his skills pole dance on the imposing stage at the Hard Rock stage in Miami on the last 2.February.

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