Of St. George, to the world, Anne and Paula, the new Supermodel does not want to


The model Anne de Paula, 22 years old, is this right, all of the drops in the s in the first minute of the conversation. He says that the young woman, glamorous in the photos for the Instagram, but not at 7 in the morning when you jump out of the bed and for another day of hard work. It also tells you that your version of bombshell, and that the star tests, for the American magazine “Sports Illustrated”, is only available in this set.

— I never thought of this bomb. I turn to another person, in front of the camera, comments on the model, and ends: “by the way, was not a success in school. It was part of a group of young, but I saw you as a friend, not crush. Not combed her hair, and was wearing a T-shirt in a large and it was a man. I just want to go to college to.

The story of Anne (Leilane on the birth certificate) in the world of fashion began when she was 14 years old. It’s the age-old story: tall and thin, he was tired, to hear that I should have a career as a model.

“I was like a child. I would really like to play, on the road, play a game of football. But I fell in love with this universe, she says, born in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. My parents still live there. You don’t, forget my roots.

Anne de Paula, photo: playback/ Instagram
Anne de Paula, photo: playback/ Instagram

Before we break camp in New York city, is passed, Paris, Milan and London, where she met her friend, an Irish someone, you have not nothing to do with the industry.

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— I could not be in a relationship with someone in the middle. The great thing about it is, an exchange of experience. My friend lives in london, but also a way for all of us there.

Superfocada, the model is a dream come true: on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”. In the past two years, and you clicked on the editorial for the filling.

These photos have given me the recognition in the United States. — I have fun on an enormous amount of test for your review. A roll in the sand, dance and funk. I’m comfortable with that.

In contrast to some of the colleagues they represent, in Brazil by 40 degrees models, Sergio Mattos, (who is Cauã Reymond), you don’t want to be the new Gisele Bundchen discovered:

— I would like to me in the best possible way. I would like to grow and develop, and to be the only one. The difference is that it is a special one.