Oh, could not hide more! Katy Perry clears up rumors about her pregnancy and admits to the whole truth


The name Katy Perry has caused the excitement this week after the announcement of an important message on your social networks, which marked a before and an after in the life of the artist.

With your account of Instagram, the artist “Part of me” officially, your pregnancy will be amazed how their trailer is unexpectedly good news.

Although it is known that the artist is 35 years old to be scheduled, a mother in the near future, he is the pop star also great amazement felt to know that she was expecting a son.

With his partner, Orlando Bloom, the American star she dreamed of starting a family and served actively in the achievement of this objective.

Perry announced the shocking news this week, along with the release of the video clip to your new theme “Never worn white”, in which at the end shows her beautiful belly.

Later, Katy put out the assumptions and confirmed by a live, he was in the sweet waiting for your first baby and said: “there Are many things that happen in this summer, I want light, literally, but also figuratively to something that you have been waiting for”.

To disperse, any kind of rumor, Perry he said: “It was an accident. I’ve only tried this space in my own life, you create space for something new, as it appeared.”