Roberto Justus announces the pregnancy of his wife, Ana Paula Siebert


The presenter Roberto Justus announced the pregnancy of his wife, Ana Paula Siebert, on Sunday (3). The presenter has used to share Instagram, the birth of a son.

“What a joy it was to see you once more for a time such as this. Anyone who knows me knows how much my children mean to me, And you have this beautiful love with a baby, the go to get there, it is the greatest achievement of our lives,” wrote Justus.

Ana Paula Siebert, for his part, said that he ” lives “the happiest moment of your life.” “I feel for the mother in this world, and I feel that is complete with a light that comes from me, and it gives light to all the days,” he said.

The tv presenter is already the father of the Jews, who will not be able to Remain Jews, I the Jews (previously with his father on The apprentice, and Rapha the Jews, of his daughter even so, the result of his relationship with Ticiane Pinheiro.

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