Season 10 in Fortnite is calling me home


Season 10 in Fortnite. Yes, it is already came so many times of the year for this game. What awaits us in the final?

Season 10. When I finished playing regularly in Fortnite, the fourth lasted…? In spite of the fact that the Gameplay of battle plays royale more like hell, is Fortnite is going to change for me often. It is difficult to transition Kupka shame with 70 productions with a regular game, some of the names network. But the last Update is that I play a couple of rounds.


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What motivated me to the game, it’s the return of my favorite website with the first eight seasons of the. The world of Fortnite was unstable, and the players can get in on some of the “anomalies” in the Gameplay


    • This vehicle can carry up to two players at the same time. If he takes two players, a (the driver) controls the movement of the vehicle, and the second (arrows) in the fire of the shotguns, and rocket launchers.
    • The driver can:
      • Intervene in the fight.
      • Throw a Super-jump after the victory.
      • Wdeptywać enemies and buildings in the earth.
        • Destruction of the elements from which they usually get the materials, you offer.
    • The passenger fur has two types of weapons: shotgun and launch rockets.
      • Gun
        • Magazine capacity: 10
        • Damage: 50
        • Multiplier Headshots: x 1.5
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Fires 10 missiles at the same time.
      • Hold the button to charge the rocket, one by one.
      • All of the missiles you burn instantly in the Moment you release the shutter button or when loading of 10 missiles.
    • New mechanics: shield
      • Creates a personal shield for 5 seconds that protects the player in mecha. Consumes 200 pieces of Material of all kinds.
  • Withdrawn from the game:
    • Kulojazd
    • Taran
    • Gun krzemieniowy
    • Bomb, Shadow
    • Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
    • Tactical Rifle
    • Infantry Tower
    • Plaque
    • Activator glider (still available in modes for large Teams)
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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevents missiles with heavy shotguns rise of the water in the modes where it is available.
  • All of the lesions treated now the vehicles.
  • Sniper rifle-Scout Storm has no perfect accuracy when firing from the hip, by the weapons.
  • Discobomby and grenades will not penetrate already by vehicles.


  • Mission
    • The Mission is a set of goals, issues, performance, the players get rewards. If you do this, bring the stars to fight PD and unique items of beauty.
    • The owner of a militant, every week, access to a new Mission of the weekly prices.
    • More information about tasks, see the bookmarks fight and Laptop problems.
  • Periodic Mission
    • Mission at regular intervals for all players.
      • The tasks of the day were Mission replaced periodically.
    • Each Mission recurring includes objectives that recognize the player gradually, in the course of the week.
      • Every day in the game does not appear to be one of them, to Fortnite, even if on a particular day zalogujecie. After 7 days, the Mission disappears from the game, so to all the objectives of the current Mission a week before the expiry of the last day!
    • Every next week, a new Mission, periodic is.
    • NOTE: All the problems that could still run, by the tasks of the day, now they are known by their goals of the Mission.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed, by blocking players on ramps at the time of its setting.


  • Update-Modes Arena!
    • The season begins in the Arena for single player and three.
    • Fame is reset at the beginning of the season X and takes its place, a new scoring System.
    • 10.- we increased the number of points, but the System of promotion must remain the same. Grease-Division messages mean.
      • Open And (0 – 499)
      • Open II (500 – 999)
      • Open III (1000 – 1499)
      • Open IV (1500 – 1999)
      • Professional And (2000 – 2999)
      • Professional II (3000 – 4499)
      • Professional III (4500 – 6499)
      • Virtuoso And (6500 – 9999)
      • Master II (10 000 – 13 999)
      • Master III (14 000+)
    • Update the scoring points and the costs for the Bus are the same in all lists.
      • Solo
        • Notice: 20 Sec.
        • Among the top 25: 60 PCs.
        • Among the Top-15: 30 points.
        • Among the Top-5: 30 paragraph.
        • Royal Wins: 60 PCs.
      • Troika
        • Abbreviations: 7-Point. (for each team member)
        • Among the best 8: 60 PCs.
        • Under the 4: 30 points.
        • The 2 best: 30 points.
        • Royal Wins: 60 PCs.
    • Fee for the Bus is rising in the divisions 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 10.
    • Game search Arena mode is still based on the display of the advertising. Players in the higher divisions will be forced to long waiting times to have the System available to the game could provide the appropriate quality.
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  • Improved performance when loading Levels on all platforms, by the optimization of the method pre-loading of objects. This prevents situations where players landed on top of buildings with a reduced level of detail, especially on consoles, Switch, and Xbox One.


  • Face “pony emotką motor ride” now.
  • Player, the captured emotions “riding pony” from the book battle of the season 2, have additional emotions, motor skills – “gallop”!


  • New sounds of hit of shells.
  • Increases the volume of the shots and the glider were heard at a great distance.
  • The volume and range of audibility the sounds increased-boxes to 10%.

Bug Fixes

  • Noise is no longer cut if the player is over the boundary of the Region.


  • By clicking on the button on the main menu, on the site now, you change the priority on the main menu (to the right of the screen).

Bug Fixes

  • The message about the download of the content does not stutter on 0% progress during the game.
  • The Problem with the camera in the Lobby, which occurs during the return of the repetition.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the choice of the other players in the Lobby after switching from other modes of the game.
  • To prevent the choice of leaving the game, that already in the game, players from your Team, the przeczekiwał game in the Lobby search.

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