Selena Gomez fights back against criticism, which is not good at singing


Selena Gomez manage your anxiety problems and depression, after a period of rehabilitation, the singer returned to the stage and released his album “Rare”, one of your strongest materials, to be honest.

However, one of its first presentations, the caused criticism of the Internet users. We will tell you how it has defended over the evil comments.

A few months ago, they found Love in 2019, where
Sel the songs, the emotional “Loose you to love me” presented, was his first appearance after his break from the scenarios, but many were of the opinion that the nerves betrayed and desafin√≥, even though she confessed, she suffered a panic attack.

Sel he defended in a recent interview in
“The Kelly Clarkson Show“the singer has said that she is always trying to improve himself, his music, loves to write and, therefore, creates melodies that help to grow and, in General, ignore the negative things.

Kelly the supported, he advised, assured him that she liked your work, because your songs move and have a great importance. Singer and singer, said
Sel you need only something for people without sing like Whitney Houston.