Shakira about her accident vowel: “there Were days you even get out of bed. My voice lose, how to lose my whole identity”


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(CNN Español) — The bleeding on a string vocal brought the Colombian singer Shakira, do not cancel the beginning of your tour of “Golden World Tour” in the year 2017 to rethink not only was one of the worst moments of his career, but your life and question everything.

The interpreter “torture” Zone Pop, CNN, podcast, pop culture, CNN in Spanish, revealed in an interview days before your presentation in the Super Bowl and the premiere of the feature film “Shakira: El Dorado World Tour” on HBO.

Pop: For you, the tour meant is more of a challenge, what that means: prepare for a long tour. You had to move originally by a problem on the vocal cords. How did you feel some fear during this recovery phase? What did you think?

Shakira: There used to be for, of course, that would always be on my voice. The possibility might have to consider to you lose made me question everything, and I confess that I was pretty depressed. There were days you even get out of bed. My voice lose, how to lose my whole identity.

The documentary, for all available platforms, which comes from HBO, on the screen girl two months after converting into selected cinemas in 60 countries.

“Voice and emotion are connected, in the people in a way that can’t understand it until you you can use,” said Shakira in the film, added that respondents with 5 doctors in three days, they said to him, necessitated an operation, because it would be impossible to recover his voice.

Shakira reveals how she had to be silent during the weeks, the way you communicate with your family during your recovery, and admitted that one of his sons, Sascha, called Santa Claus and praying to God that your mother voice again.

By 2017, the singer said in his Twitter account, that was one of the most difficult times of his life.

“The doctors found that it gave the right a bleed in my vocal. Since then, I revealed myself fully to rest in the voice, as it to me the specialist had recommended to recover in time for the first concert in Cologne. Unfortunately, the bleeding, it seems not to have been removal, and my nightmare continues. And I am currently in a battle very hard for my recovery,” said the singer.

During the 2 hours and 2 minutes of production, Shakira, the 20 topics are interpreted, which make up the setlist her concert, with the he in 22 countries.

The production also shows how the singer barranquillera engaged in the installation of your tour: the interpreter works closely with his team of the remix of the theme, the lighting, the images of the individual cameras track your movements, and even the pyrotechnics.

Pop: Meet with your tour, “El Dorado” you can, you followed with these fanatics, who in the course of your career you. Which moments do you remember from this tour you have not expected?

Shakira: I think the movie shows very well how I lived this tour, but what I remember of this tour, the faces of the fans are working, like me in the rotation. When I played this time she had the feeling that time stopped during the almost two hours he is on stage. And in this time I was stopped in people’s faces, their reactions… I love food in a time, in the more what I needed, when I lost my voice. Every concert was the culmination of this.

Pop: In preparation for a concert, and choose the setlistwhat is the song that should always be is it?

Shakira: “Whenever, Wherever”, “Hips Don ‘ t Lie” and “Waka Waka” in the rule does not lack never.

Pop: What is to interpret your favorite? And what is the fans you ask for more?

Shakira: On this last tour, “anthology” was the song, in which you will see more Association with the audience every night, the faces and realized what it meant for you, saw you smile, saw you in tears, sometimes both… and I was excited to watch how they love a song I wrote, still his own life on the fans. That’s not, what’s the one asking for more! I believe that there will never be an absolute consensus, therefore, it is a funny back-and-forth, turns the repertoire revolves.


Pop: Maybe you’re one of the first singers of Latin Americans, which premieres a documentary on the tour and in the world, nothing more and nothing less than on the big screen. Now, what are you wearing on the on-screen girl-on-girl, and many devices from streaming, thanks to HBO. What does it mean to you that this show now live on a platform like this?

Shakira: The programming of HBO, for me, is on another level and very innovative for years. An elegance and a class, and I am proud that a concert of me to be a part of your catalog.

shakira el dorado world tour

Shakira plays drums on the song “can’t Remember to Forget You” of the band “El Dorado ” World Tour”. (Credit: HBO Latino)

Pop: The documentary celebrates its premiere shortly before its presentation in the show, the half-time break of the Super Bowl. In a city that, despite the in these days, very cold, Yes the Latin heat from head to foot lives. You, as a Colombian, what it means to be there for you at the event? How was the approach of the NFL for the main role in the show beside Jennifer Lopez?

Shakira: For me it is an honor, as the first woman born outside of the United States to sing for more than 20 years to be a guest or in an event with a symbol for the United States. And this is side by side in Latin America, a strong woman, and what makes it even more special. The truth is a dream come true, what I wanted, for many years.

Pop: How are you preparing for the Super Bowl? How you summarize your career and all your great successes in so few minutes?

Shakira: Oh, to summarize and to decide, in such a short time was so hard! The music and the choreography (which) we since 2 months. Wouldn’t you expect, what means, even if it is a show-do, in short, all the preparations. A production giant.

Pop: Do you remember the first show the half-time break of the Super Bowl, you saw?

Shakira: Not, but my favorites from Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

In the film, also parts of the process of recording his album “El Dorado” shows that contain extracts of “blackmail”, a subject he worked with Maluma.

The singer also covers a part of your life off stage, as the balance sheet of the parent and a superstar.

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