Shakira and Anuel you are flirting in Japan in her video “like Me”


MIAMI -. – The music video of “like Me”, the new collaboration between Shakira and Anuel AA, premiere this Friday on all the major platforms, audio visual internet, with a combination of scenarios, saturated fashion colors and a lot of Japan.

The artists, under the direction of Drew cherry, known for productions such as the video to “Lover” of the us-Taylor Swift’s singing about a couple in crisis scenarios a luxury, kitsch, including a kitchen, in the dominate colors of blue and pink cake, a hallway, painted emerald green, and a dining room yellow.

Turning these scenes you will see a train in motion, in the van traveling to the neglected two, while they accuse each other of themselves.

The Colombian seems more of an effort, with four changes of clothes, including wigs blonde and chestnut dark, hairstyles, and make-up make-a nod to the Japanese culture and a few movements of your famous belly dance.

The fans of the two artists thought of the production, which came in the first six hours of the publication of a million visualizations and was in the tenth fourth place in the most-watched videos on the platform YouTube.

In particular, many welcomed the decision of the artist, for two wigs, you will see the hair is brown, and reminded that he, like lucia in the beginnings of their musical career.

“I like it”, according to a press release, the record company Sony Music, which has already passed the 75 million “streams” and the video showed, the song reached 37 million impressions.

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This topic is already platinum status in the EU and Spain, and of gold in Brazil and Mexico.

This first single and music video of the year Shakira comes directly after the successful performance by the artist alongside Jennifer Lopez in the show halftime of the Super Bowl, where he was surrounded by dozens of dancers to the rhythm of the music of their country.

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