Shakira keeps up with 43 years on the day of the Super Bowl


So check for your intervention in the half-time break of the Super Bowl, this Sunday, alongside Jennifer Lopez, Shakira has time to think that this day is met 43 years ago!

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The Colombian, he said in an exclusive interview, that it is best that you celebrate it with your partner, Gerard Piqué (who also birthday in this day, 33), and their children, Milan, who celebrated 7 on 22 January, and Sascha, who came yesterday 5.

“I don’t believe this, but I have not even thought of. I was so focused on the preparations, which I see as a halftime, but what I don’t want to celebrate with my family, because these last days I have been able to work with you, and we all have a birthday around this time,” he said.

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What we do know is that wants to be a role model for his followers and loved ones.
“It is a responsibility, and I take it as such, but especially for my children. If I serve as an example for others, it is an honor, but now, since I was the mother, what to me to be most important to you as a role model to”.

And, his partner in the game between the 49 ‘ s of San Francisco and the chiefs of Kansas City, said that her favorite song is “Let’s Get Loud”, the sticky. “We know us since years and we will see us at various events, but it is the first time to act together. I think we complement each other very well because we have different styles and it is a show all about”, said by e-mail.

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In addition, the premiere of his documentary is tomorrow, “Shakira in Concert: the El Dorado “World Tour” which HBO and HBO Go, to at 19:00. “This tour was a gift from God, I truly believe that. Never enjoyed, both on the stage, as it were, of course, that would always be on my voice.

“Might have to consider the possibility of losing you made me question everything, and I have to admit, I was pretty depressed, so every time, when I was on stage like the first time”, – assured the star, who suffered a hemorrhage of the vocal cords in front of a little more than two years.

Fan TV, the pays, and the data streaming in from the battle-front, was pleased about the possibility, together with one of the giants of the entertainment.
“The programming of HBO, for me, is on another level and very innovative, since years, has an elegance and a class… I am proud that a concert, my part in the catalogue”.

Awarded with multiple Grammys and Billboard, Shakira feels, rejoices in your successes and thanks that the markets are becoming more open to the talent of latino in each area.

“When I started, it was very difficult, the market anglo encroachment, but will not now have to record an English version of a song, in Spanish,” said the Creator of the “eyes” and “torture”.

“The borders have opened and I am very happy, because for me the music has always been a universal language, and now this is also reflected in the fact that it hits global, not only in English but in other languages”.

Added to his greatest achievements, he, the theme with the feeling more affinity lately is “anthology”, because it still connects in a very special way with your audience.

“Since then, I I from Colombia, more nomad than anything else. I still believe that it is in Colombia is my home is where I grew up and where I was trained. Are no side generates the same feeling of home, like Colombia”.