Taylor Swift and the controversy, that the man you accused him of “bullying” now has almost all of their songs


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The artist makes sure that the man he wants to earn money now with the songs from their six albums, “dismantle” their musical legacy.

Taylor Swift has a contract with the record company, Big Machine, when I was 15 years old, and says that because of this agreement, nor the rights to the songs from their six albums has. Now, who is the money with almost all of their songs is the same man who according to the singer, she made bullying during their entire career.

The version for the album, which is quite different: Swift, saying of the Big Machine, he had the opportunity, they buy the rights to all his songs, but cancelled the deal.

The case the copyrights of the artists the us and caused a lot of stir in the music world, because she wraps the celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, focus on the West and the famous music producer Scooter Braun, who Swift in his attacks.

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The version of Swift

The singer was accused of molesting brown, representatives of Bieber and West, and have been for years.

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Bieber, whose producer Scooter Braun, defended the work of the producers.

After the purchase of brown from the label, Big Machine, US$300 million, now he is the one who owns the rights, of every song, the songwriter started in front of the subject I!the taste of his new album, the light in august of this year.

According to Swift, he of the “sale on the only thing I could think of was the incessant, manipulative, bullying I received, a part of him for years”.

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“For years I asked, and I asked for a form of power, the owner for my work,” he wrote.

Taylor claimed that Big Machine gave them the opportunity again albums be made “individually”in return for the delivery of the individual work, the new the retained connection with Big Machine for more than ten years after the conclusion of the original contract.

But Swift has recently signed an agreement with the label Republic Records, part of Universal Music.

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Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta announced until the end of June an agreement for the sale of the Big Machine.

“I had to make the difficult decision whether my past let go,” wrote Swift, and ensures that would otherwise be gone, the seal Republic Records.

“(This is) the music I have on the floor of my room, and the videos, I dreamed and paid the money, the complains I won playing in bars, in discos, and then in stages”, in the text, published on the internet.

Big Machine owns the rights to six albums the U.S., published between 2006 and 2017, and she says that she just knew that Scooter Braun took over the seal, when it was announced last week.

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As an example, bullying, Swif, to be referred to the song “Famous” by Kanye West with letters of desire to have sexual relations speaks with her. Also the video of the rapper is a replica of the naked singer. Swift called it “porn revenge”.

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West and Swift had to be a problem in 2016, when West-a song to Swift, in a tone of sexual started.

At the time of the publication of the piece of music, Kim Kardashian, wife of West, published Snapchat is a phone conversation between West and Swift reflect seemed that there had been a conversation between the two artists before the release of the song.

The young man always denied that this conversation had taken place, and assured that the scooter is made, its two customers (Kanye and Kardashian), the acosaran about it on the internet.

“Now, Scooter it has taken me the work of a whole lifewithout me the opportunity to gain once again. Basically, my musical legacy is about to fall into the hands of someone who has tried to dismantle”.

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“This is the worst thing that could happen to me. This is what happens when company a contract of 15 years,” he wrote, while he suspected, that bullying is part of to control, a woman who didn’t want to, connected to, or with Scott Borchetta (ex-owner of Big Machine), or with Scooter Braun.

The version of Big Machine

Scott Borchetta published an open letter on the website of the Big Machine, using their version of the story.

He claimed that contacted to inform you personally, in the case of Swift, which they seen the sale of seal musical on 29 June, and she says, “never,” crying, Scooter Braun, as you are sure in your blog.

Borchetta is of the opinion that he had the chance, back the rights to their albums.

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The old record company of Swift ensures that the singers had the opportunity, with the power of his whole work, but she refused the opportunity.

“Taylor had to retrieve all the chances in the world, your hard drives, but also all of his videos, photos, and everything in connection with your career,” he says.

“You decided to go”she says.

Celebrities, for and against

But controversy seems to have involved a large number of people in the music industry in the United States. Not only focus on West and his wife Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, criticized comments by Swift on Tumblr.

“Airing the issue on social networks and not make people hate Scooter is fair,” wrote the young artist. And added:

“What are you trying to get to publish this blog? It seems to me that was for the search for compassion and for your followers acosen Scooter”.

Demi Lovatotheir representatives also brown, is the manufacturer supported with a post on Instagram.

For his part, Todrick Hall, a friend of Swift produced her new video You Need To Calm Downdescribed brown of “evil”.

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The dispute has involved the copyright of six of the albums from Swift, a good number of artists in the music industry in the United States. Todrick Hall defended in the social networks of your friend.

The wife of Scooter Braun and Yael Cohen Braun, shared a publication on Twitter, and said that showed her husband to be “excited” from the cooperation with the us-American singer, after the purchase of the stamp, Big Machine.

The BBC contacted, Scooter Braun, gave his version of events but has not yet responded.

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