Taylor Swift makes DOLLAR-donation for the victims of the tornadoes in Tennessee


A few days ago the singer of “Shake it off” Taylor Swift the 30-year-old commented in your social networks, what had you worried, as a tornado the covered the status of Tennesseewhere you lived for the largest part of his childhood and youth. Therefore, the singer is it donation millionaire to the victims.

Taylor Swift is a musician who has made the best of the year in 2020, paid for their seventh album, “Lover” on the musical tastes of millions of people around the world. Recently, the singer of the American premiere of the music video for their single “The Man”a song with a powerful message about the equality of the sexes, the so far, more than 25 million reproductions.


The call “Artist of the decade” sum every day, in millions of us dollars to your Bank account, and more than once the rich donations to various causes has made; especially for people diagnosed with cancer and the education of the children. However, on this occasion, Taylor the interpreter Siwft, “You need to calm down,” used his large fortune for the support of those affected by the tornadoes in Tennessee.


Taylor Swift and your donation

On 3. March, a powerful tornado destroyed the city Nashville and where close to Tennessee, United States Of America. In the face of disaster, the singer Taylor Swift did not hesitate to Express his condolences to the victims and reporting, we were commissioned to make a donation in Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, organization, the relief measures.

Taylor Swift on Instagram Stories/photo: Instagram

Taylor Swift on Instagram Stories/photo: Instagram

“Nashville is my house, and the fact that so many people have lost their homes, and much more that was right in the heart of Tennessee desconsolador for me,” wrote Taylor in a history of Instagram.

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As the singer and songwriter of “Blank Space” called on all their fans, also donaran for the victims of the tornadoes. Although Taylor Swift is not made public, the amount issued, the concerned, his representative revealed, USA Today that the interpreter donated a million dollars as to the cause.