The appearance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl generates about 1,300 complaints | people


Like every year, the performance of the intermediate of the Super Bowl was in one of the shows in the world. In the year 2020, the actors of the show mean time of the end of sports artists Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, who triumphed with a show uploaded of light, music and energy in the casting, generated a lot of positive feedback, and that the power of these two artists showed, and of Latin origin. The performance was of more than 102 million people.

However, not everyone has had positive words in terms of actions, the in Miami of the two divas of pop. According to the daily revealed newspaper Daily Mailthe Commission for communications of the United States, a body at the national level, received no less than 1,300 complaints about the show after hours should take place.

Some of these protests carry as a headline, “pornography in the half-time break of the Super Bowl”. The Scriptures that usually complain about “decency”, “content uploaded by sound”, “exceed the bounds of decency” and similar questions. “I’m disgusted by the pornographic content of the Super Bowl […] A production, the so little scrupulous, so obviously, promotes the subjugation of the young, in addition to promoting the world of sex and Commerce,” writes on their complaints, a viewer from Colorado.

“This year, the Super Bowl has exceeded the limits of decency. Even my son, the 28-year-old was worried about the children, the saw may be. The costumes, the dances in the toolbar, the constant shape, the genitals… were not aligned, even for an event on families,” says another person from Tennessee. “I have no problem to see and I’ve been working on it, adult content for the television, but this is too much. In the next year clay will rise”, she demanded.

Others even demand that measures are taken about it. “The content was clearly obscene and should not have been issued. I think that Fox is subject to regulatory sanctions, the content of this type, not suitable for visualizations public”, they say.

“You were eight and a half, there were the children to see awake. This is what we could expect? I don’t see porn, and I don’t want to mix with football. Outside,” writes someone from Maryland. Other viewers in Indiana, says that he is with Shakira and JLo a performance of the erotic in a moment of supposedly sporty. We are his witnesses pole dance and pushed her pelvis”. Some had qualified as a program for persons from the age of 13.

The Commission, the complaints collected, but it has also since value is a per Mille of the viewers set. When, in 2004, Janet Jackson and then his buddy, Justin Timberlake acted, she picked up the clothes and showed a nipple, the Commission received over 540,000 complaints.