The controversy of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is an American artist most success in the music industry in the world, so that some consider it as a diva. Only 29 years, a huge career, full of successes… and of polemics. And to you of all that we are, if not all, at least the most important.

Katy Perry

The first big dispute, personal and media competence, Taylor was with another super star and diva or so more than you: Katy Perry, and he was with the booking of dancers for her tours. Their altercation took place between 2011 and 2018, in which both dedicated and even “loving” songs, to the conclusion, if Katy had Taylor an olive branch as a sign of peace. Now friends, who have also done this year, “duo” costumes, a kind of burger, the other French fries.

Nicki Minaj

Your trouble began, as the theme of “Bad Blood” from Taylor’s song “Anaconda” has Nicki Awards VMA. In the nets, Nicki and he will say: “If your video is celebrating the women are hyper-thin you the video of the year nominated will”. To have the what answered Taylor: “I have another thing that you will love and support you still. It is not the encounter itself, a couple of women with other”. Signed the peace Awards VMA 2005. But to start, the participation of Nicki in the video “Swish Swish”, Katy Perry, revenge on Taylor, as a side-by-side again distanciarlas.

Kanye West

Their fight took place when Taylor won the award for “Best video clip” at the VMA 2009. Then the stage Kanye and told the whole world in front of her, that she deserved, was BeyoncĂ© for “Single Ladies”, and added that he is one of the best of all time. And even if they made later, to make peace, the rapper called it the “bitch” in the song “Famous”.

Kim Kardashian

The argument with Kim was due to the fact that her husband, Kanye West” called “bitch” in one of your topics to Taylor. The star of the reality show in the social networks of the recordings, where, according to the Texas the permission to call the rapper gave him “bitch”. Taylor has always refused.

Joe Jonas

Is the “ex” who has more songs vengeful dedicated. Joe made a call that lasted only 27 seconds and began with the actress Camilla Belle. Taylor said about their songs, their ex-friends: “If you don’t want to give you bad songs about them, should not, behave badly”.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

The comic made a joke about the love life of Taylor Swift during the gala for the Golden globes, diceindo, the stay away from the son of the actor Michael J. Fox. And the singer he said later: “It is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”.

Demi Lovato

Their dispute began when Taylor left you from your “girl’s Squad”, while ” Yes ” was referring to Selena Gomez is her best friend-. If you asked a fan of Demi from Selena, the answer was: “Ask Tylor”. Then it was announced that Demi went out with Joe Jonas the ex of Taylor.

Scooter Braun

It is the latest controversy for the main role in Taylor, the buy just all of the musical career of Taylor production company “Big Machine Records”. Scooter Braun, the famous Explorer and manager of Justin Bieber, one of the people who confronted in the vicinity of the canadian singer, who is Taylor for years.