The EGO-model of the São Gonçalo won the title of miss Sports Illustrated


Anne de Paula has played with three foreign position for posing for a sports magazine’s most famous sights in the world. ‘Heart-burning!’.

Anne de Paula (photo: Handout/40 Graus models)Anne de Paula (photo: Handout/
40 Graus Models)

Anne de Paula, a fashion model, born in São Gonçalo, in the Metropolitan region of Rio, won the competition to be the face of the advertising for the “Sports Illustrated”. It will be on the official form, the pose with all the famous brands of clothing, in the bath, in the sporting magazine, the American, the as one of the most famous landmarks in the world. The competition, the competition ITSELF, the swimsuit has three foreigners: an American, an Indian and a South African.

With the news that he is on the left of Anne. “What a day!!! I sat down at the live-in program (sports Illustrated Now), and I asked him how was the experience for the seat was and gave me the news of your victory! My heart went for the mouth. She said that she wanted to ensure that I had won, I have to do an attitude, which is crucial for the courage to go to the streets, to happen. My heart is in the shot!”, I said to Anne.

The rio is 21 years old and has lived for the last 6 between Paris, London and Milan. Currently, their address is in New York city. In Brazil, it is Anne de Paula, a is represented by the Agency, 40 ° models.

Anne de Paula (photo: Handout/40 Graus models)Anne de Paula (photo: Handout/40 Graus models)