The song of Shakira, with the help of Kylie Jenner was obsessed


The popular us model Kendall Jenner revealed that her younger sister – the businesswoman Kylie Jenner was obsessed with during their childhood with ‘Hips Don ‘ t Lie’ (My hips don’t lie) Shakira, is a theme released in 2005.

“Kylie loved the attention… I Was obsessed with the song “Hips Don ‘ t Lie’, and wore a costume of dancer for belly dance and re-play for all. It was like, ‘Hey! We all see that Kylie … again!”, squeezed Kendall for the magazine harper’s Bazaar.

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‘Hips Don ‘ t Lie’ was the song with Shakira, his presentation in the show castle-it’s halftime of the Super Bowl in 2020together with Jennifer Lopez.

The barranquillera he also has other hits like ‘She wolf’ (wolf), ‘Whenever, Wherever’ (happiness), ‘Empire’ and ‘extortion’. In addition, surprised the participants of the versioning were next to the bathroom Bunny the theme of ‘I Like It’ (originally played mix of boricua with Cardi B and J Balvin) and ‘extortion’ with ‘Callaíta’, the song from Bad Bunny.

And through the social networks, Kim Kardashian sister’s Kendall and Kylie – commented on the presentation of the Colombian singer and J. Lo. “We closed with a flourish! Congratulations to this incredible show”.