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What career do to lose weight? The commitment, the training and the study of the basic requirements for those who go too far in this profession. But it is an extra dose of love that can make all the difference. Was Anne-Louise Calamucci, the affinity of the game is crucial to get to where he is today. It is a gold-medal at the state level in the WorldSkills competition in the category of digital art for games and has recently been awarded by Bosch. The company is currently sponsoring a young man in a preparatory course for the national Phase of the competition for the technical professions. “This is a unique opportunity to participate in the WorldSkills, and I know that it is going to enable a huge leap forward in the quality of my work,” he said.

A spin-off of the technical course in information technology in Senai in Paraná state, Brazil, the competition has a support, which is far above the elementary school. The technical education System, Fiep, Alan Schran, who advises Anne-Louise and all the way down. He lives in Curitiba, it is a little more than a year ago, when he was hired by the institution to give lectures on the unity of the gate, in the area of development of systems, with a focus on the design of the product. He had brought the System, Fiep, in Mm, and the move to the capital of the state of Paraná, surprises: together with the shaft, and then the invitation came to serve as a mentor to Anne, at the WorldSkills. “It was the first event of Anne and me. After a gold-medal, she won the title sponsorship from Bosch. This is to show how the role of the teacher has changed. We need supporters, sponsors, the help, to solve problems, and support you in the control of the emotions of the students in the face of a big challenge,” he says.

Keep an eye on the job market

The routine of training for the WorldSkills in the year 2021, which will be held in Shanghai is very active, and with the support of the Bosch and it works like a two-way street. “The investment will be carried out by Bosch and the professional qualification, it is an opportunity to educate the workforce for the future. It is also a way to make a positive contribution to the development of society by providing education and a better chance on the labour market for the people,” he says, pointing at Paula Person, Human Resources manager at Robert Bosch in Curitiba, Brazil.

This strategic work is closely related to the description of the nature of the system, Fiep, is fully focused on the job in the industry, says Maria Sorda Frason, the manager of the technical and Vocational education and training in the System of the Fiep. “This partnership strengthens the education and training of excellence that we provide, we keep up with technology, direct investment, and supports the development of new techniques in teaching-a teaching that can be introduced in practice in the classroom,” he says.

In the next Phase of qualifying for the WorldSkills, Anne-Louise will be competing against participants from other States and at the national level. The supervisor Alan Schran prepare to meet the challenges, the Organisation of the timetable and the planning of the activities, tests, and sample exams for the assessment of the progress of the young people. “I want to be for the benefit of the doubt that each person who gave to me from the beginning of my own story with the 3D. Perseverance, resilience, concentration and love for what I do. This is a recipe that I think that the Olympic gold medal in the year 2021, in China,” concluded Anne.

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