To throw Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift remix of ‘Lover’


On 22 August, the interpreter ‘You Belong with me‘Taylor Swift launched her latest musical production, which bears the title ‘Lover‘. In the words of the composer, ‘Lover‘is an album of “celebrate the love, its complexity and chaos.”

On the occasion of this, the singer, the remix is running under the same name from the album he is, the is a collaboration with the canadian Shawn Mendes.

Taylor took to his official Instagram known and the collaboration with the release of a video under the description “Well, guys, it happened finally. WE HAVE A COLABORA SHAWN. I send you a huge ‘Thank you, brother’ to @Shawn Mendes – I’m so excited that our remix of ‘Lover’ already exists’.

The remix

This remix is not only the result of the combination of these two great voices, because, according to Taylor, the song in parts were re-written by Shawn Mendes.

Only a few hours of its release, the single more than a million hits on youtubeand almost 15 thousand comments, in which the followers of the two they don’t listen, Express your emotions with the result of this collaboration.