VIDEO: images of sexy back the anitta, the already more than 300 thousand views


Suzy Cortez was a bubble bath, and it, together todito on Instagram. In this he is with a bikini, the heat, a piece of the color pink, the lost between your curves.

Due to their sensual we trust talking to her, to know how to prepare for the filming of all kinds of material erotic so successful you give the world.

Suzy has explained to us that for this kind of audio-visual works, in General, be fully prepared, from the physical plane, because the diet and exercise have always been a constant in his life.

“The training and the diet have been a part of my life for a long time to go, my concern in every part of the world, the I, is to know if there is a large fitness center, where I am not to lose my training,“ explains Suzy’s opinion.

Suzy is also make the stump ready to have their adventure with this kind of content, very happy for the love of greeting, which is always part of the public, and they also said that many of these ideas and the wishes of some fans to be born. “My fans are very required to be polite, and not of me, nothing unusual in that, you always want to know about my life, where I live, and tell me what you like best from the photos and videos”, revealed to us in an interview last.

They shared in the past week Noelia, the puerto-Rican singer shared a similar video. Only that it seemed to her, completely naked.

About possible skills, or envy, that it could be between influencers or models when are the women, the sensual and erotic world of social networks, this is the attitude and opinion of the Brazilian: “I Think we are all beautiful and wonderful. There is a place for all brillemos. I am totally opposed to the rivalry between women.”

n today, in addition to Suzy Cortez there are many other models, singers and actors the stars of the erotic have in the world of Instagram. The name of this go from a famous Kim Kardashian to Alexa Dellanos, the famous daughter of the former star of Univision, in the First shock, Myrka Dellanos.

Suzy, for its part, remains between the preferences of the public and its content to only fans, has paid to one of the most profitable and best on the international level.

The model describes that many of the obligations, the trips around the world. However, the theme of the coronavirus has easy-to-very afraid. “I have many obligations in March. I have a trip to Mexico, in the United States and Europe, and I have a lot of fear up to the aircraft due to the coronavirus,” she said anxiously. But also expressed that their professionalism is always at the foot of the gorge.

Here you can share the image of the bikinazo the Brazilians before him all wet in the tub.