What if Taylor Swift is great and not the million that you love, but for the thousands who criticize you? | ICON


If a singer ‘country’, there seemed to be dreaming with unicorns color rainbow with epic maroons. It seems that a long time ago, but not have passed, or 13 years of age: as the new Shania Twain at the top of the list Forbes the stars and the best in record time, which was, in reality, as a step in a garden of roses, and soul more or less scraps at each corner, while the figures of the current account ready to be increased in the same ratio as the number of stalker, jump fences and security, and also the clubs and matonas committed to him the micro-way, unseemly or call snake in the social networks.

Taylor Swift is known that a star is not defined for his followers as for the ability to imantar the attention of a couple of ‘haters’, they fulfill the function of violent media characters

Aware that what does not kill you makes you stronger, Swift was preparing to insult emblem of pride, if you decided to have a Cobra bouncy castle could be your best companion scenario, in order to make it clear that the lagarterías tuiteras of Kim Kardashian, had he not done so, achieved a lot.

Taylor Swift, has been repeatedly dramatized, the step from love to hatred, even in the course of one and the same music video –see the examples Blank space or Wildest dreams– know that today, a star is not defined for his followers as for the ability to imantar the attention of a few haters they fulfil the function of wild figures in the media. Your face notice of perfumery is not enough, also your repertoire, or your engagement for a good purpose or your newfound ability to the inspiration in the political millennials: it is necessary to periodically the sludge from the fight in public but then the duel in the sun, as well-tested, Katy Perry, and French fries pacify ” by the embrace of the symbolic and ritual, a burger with portion. To beat the new enemy in our sights now, who outside of his first representative, Scooter Braun. What a shame that have such a hectic life, in the background, so little identity!

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