What is your favorite song of the decade?


The singer has admitted, what is your favorite song of all the songs that were released in the last ten years, a revelation from Katy Perry, who burned the social networks there’s no one waiting for him.

Now, there’s only a few days still, in the next year, many platforms musical showed us in these days, a compilation of the biggest hits of the year and this also has a reason to remember the best songs of the decade during this ten years is not to deny that there was a big musical production in the world.

We must not forget that the beautiful reconciliation between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is also part of the story in the last few years, because both are two great artists of the music industry is that have reached, to occupy and lead to a lot of lists around the world.

Both were able to your most recent songs, ” earn a place in the charts of numerous attractions, compositions, the whole world came between them, her hit ‘Firework’, a song Katy Perry, released in October of the year 2010 this was a first step, a very important step for the artist.

In fact, we have now confirmed that this hit is very important for the singer as of today, wanted to remind him, in an interview for radio in the United States. Although Katy revealed to Perry, what was her favorite song, without counting, with their compositions, the singer wanted to speak to her song ‘Firework’, as one of his best songs. The celebrity said: “‘Firework’ is always what peta”, and added: “it is no matter, whether you are 8 or 80 years.”


In addition, the artist took the opportunity to throw a beautiful post “that’s the beauty of music is like sports, all growing together on a roof and this community, this vibration and energy”, “there is a common interest,” he said.

The reality is that this song is almost an anthem for the fandom of Katy Perry and in addition to that, his best compositions for this hit, numerous figures, and the hearts of millions of fans reached. This song is very special, because it is perfect to climb the self-esteem, also, dance-pop mixed with the personal style of the artist.