With an audience of Band color, Geisy Arruda, shows tan-bronze line


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Geisy Arruda it increases the temperature in this last Wednesday (the 27th.) on the back of a publication in addition to daring in your profile in Instagram. On click, Geisy one comes with bikini from the multi-function bar.

In the full spring of the model She loves the sexy clicksdecided to tan on the day. On the plate, it comes down to the bottom of the multi-function color bar to show the tan line. The click brought a lot of comments on the heat.

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You, Geisy Arruda, see shows, that she lost her virginity at the age of 13 years

“That’s what it is: a nice tan while , rosinha, sweet, and with a little balls?”wrote Geisy, that is the preparation for the launch of a book-eroticin the subtitle of the publication, playing with the fact that it is the part with the intimate a picture of a watermelon.

“You are really a show for women, we congratulate you👏”; “Exuberant”; “Beautiful and sexy”; “Hot tape”; “Maybe the old you, eh nice CONDITION, very nice, there are a few of the comments were on it.