Alessandra Ambrosio enjoys the show from the funkeira Hattusa Anitta, the place of the International


The top model Alessandra Ambrosio very the concert of the singer Hattusa Anitta enjoyed, on the evening of Thursday (2), P12 Jurerê Internacional. Friends, Hattusa Anitta, and Janice met before the show in the dressing room. After Janice the card out of the box and saw together with your friends and family.

Very early on in the model, the state spends the summer in California. Janice has created a strong connection to the capital, together with her sister Aline and her friend santa catarina, Brazil, Gisele Cória, a brand name for beachwear, GAL’s, inspired by the nature, and the lifestyle unique to the island.

In an interview for the magazine offerthe connection to the model, Supermodel, was that all of the brand’s products are manufactured in the state.

— We have a point-to-bring-you everything for a great, authentic, even, on our label it is “created, written, the magic island”, because, really, it was all built on the island, although it is to produce a challenge in Brazil.

Hattusa Anitta at the Coachella music festival

A funkeira Hattusa Anitta, which was presented yesterday in the streets of the International, began the year 2020 with the good news, she is drawn to the main stage of this year’s edition of the Coachella festival in California.

— It was difficult for this secret hold. The Ta, where is the big news for the year 2020. This year I’m presenting on the main stage of the Coachella festival. In two weeks, on Saturday. Happy, excited, proud and ACCOMPLISHED. In gratitude for life, she wrote: Hattusa Anitta in a post on Instagram.