Angelina Jolie talks about the surgery for preventing cncer de mama


Angelina Jolie talks about the surgery for preventing cncer de mama

PHOTO: Divulgao

Angelina Jolie, a 44-year-old, he opened his heart about his in the direction of the cncer. On the day of the Malvola a lumpectomy, in addition to after you have removed the hoses, and the ovrios a form of a preveno. She revealed that she had 87% chance of the cncer of the breast, and it was lost to me, the visual acuity and the care of an aunt for a doena.

“I just feel that I have made, to improve decisions, to be my chances here my children grow up and get to know my grandchildren. My hope is to give, the max for years, it is possible for your life, and be here for you,” she wrote in TIME magazine. Angelina to me in Maddox, 18, 15, Pax, And Zahara, 14, And Shiloh, 13, and os gmeos Vivienne and Knox, 11 with Brad Pitt. The two have announced a separao the end of 2016.

For me, the actress Marcheline Bertrand, died at the age of 56 in 2007, aps is a long-standing fight against the cncer of the breast, and in the ovrio is. “She met some of her grandchildren, and was often too sick to play with them. Now, it is difficult for me to think of something else in this life, when I think of how you will be able to enjoy your time, your love and protection. I fought with the doena of-a-dcada, and arrived at the age of 50 years. My av has died at the age of 40 years. I hope that my choice will allow me to live a little bit longer.”

Angelina also revealed that the use of adhesives with hormnios, and do scans on a regular basis. “I see the changes in my body, but I have in the back of the head. I’m alive and now I’m dealing with all the questions that you have inherited. I feel more connected with women now.”

The actress spoke about the scars of her Operation, and that the impugned frequncia about it. “I think, to overcome that our brand perception in the United States. You are a part of you that makes you, by electronic means.”

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