BBB20: Roberto reveals that he felt attracted to the same participants


I have Never conducted by the participants of the BBB20, in the early hours of the morning this Thursday (23) that there was really talk to you, and he gave the topic.

The law, in fact, that was one of the sisters, the revelations during the game. The blonde come to a question directly, for Gizelly.

“Regardless of gender, someone else has to this series of Big Brother in Brazil?”, he said the attorney.

The doctor then said that he did it, but without more details on this topic.

The joke earned up to selinho

Scott and Flayslane a few goods? By selinho on rolled, however, there is no clear evidence that a full-length novel, especially because of the actions of the brunette.

In the early hours of the morning this Thursday (23), the production, sent refreshments to the participants. Flayslane had a drink, and soon it was singing well-doidinha, jump, jump, scream, shout, and even the drinking of water in the pool.

At one point they all had a good time with the game “I never”, in addition to the other questions and answers, to get to know each other. In the time of Petrix a question to the brunette, and he wanted to know, who would s / he give you a kiss good.

“My mouth is tingly,” he said, as he George.

Without the mood of the game, he tascou um selinho on the singer, to the delight of the other housemates.

The charm of a little forced (if that’s what really started when Flayslane azucrinou the rest of the brothers, who saw him in the attitude of the old order was.

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Before going to sleep, Gunnar has recovered from the heavy drinking, and he was crying in the bathtub, and the bed is supported by Gizelly.

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