Beyoncé shows how much came in, in spite of the mom and how you back your figure


The impressive curve of rich character Beyoncé it was not always the impact, because of the dramatic singer, has also had to contend with, the more kilos after pregnancy, when you had your twins.

But Beyonce wants to motivate the women you pull through this difficult phase in your life and want to your figure through a healthy diet.

And a video of the wife of rapper posted by the interpreter, Jay-Z showed that the way was not easy, and the diet was one of the biggest challenges you have faced.

The singer starts the video on the back on a scale, on the first day of testing for his performance in the popular festival. “The nightmare of every woman,” she says, before you enter the weight, brand, 175 pounds, so just under 80 kilograms. “There is still much to do. Quite!”, recognizes the artist who, according to PEOPLE, weighed 218 pounds (90 kilos) on the day you were born, your children.

How did you manage to lose weight?

The singer went to his friend, the physiologist Marco Borgeswho created a diet, which are christened as the diet, the 22 days and consists of fruit, vegetables and plants to eliminate one hundred percent of the processed food.

“If you are on a diet, the on the basis of plants that you have more energy, sleep better, your skin will be better, your mood will be completely changed,” says the expert.

But not everything remained in the anecdote, the interpreter, together with his followers, the innovative method, with which he achieved his goal.

The singer, her husband and an expert in nutrition and fitness plan, personalized for your fans that anyone can easily follow exactly the diet of Thai soups, salads, wraps and smoothies.

The plan contains recipes of user-defined menus example, and even the shopping list, an analysis of the nutritional values of each food, access to a coach 7 days a week, and tips-tailor-made and costs us $ 14 per month.