Confusing statements of Shakira on your marital status


“The concept makes me afraid of noses. I don’t want you to begin to see me as your ‘wife’. I want you to see me as… his girlfriend. His mistress, the forbidden fruit. I want you to keep in check, and think, it’s all possible, depending on how you behave,” he said.

Interesting what came from him the least is the reference to football is players as a “man”. In one of his last publications from Instagram, where you came from, documented their preparation on the physical level, in terms of their performance in the rest of the Super Bowl, the Colombian showed one of the ‘tricks’ that she has taught, his personal fitness trainer, and concentrate fully on your workout program and not is to turn off the cell phone meeting until the conclusion of the session, and spent some time with his children: “And so my man can have,” said Shakira, laughing.