his girlfriend opens, then the game ends, Luke


Julian, Xavier, his best friend, Luke Gallina, which is a participant of Big Brother Brazil, and 20, to betray to the brother, if he is, him, for the reality show. In an interview with the writer, Leo days, the portal GALLERY, the young girl claimed that the man “jumped the fence, they would try to speak with him.

“I think that something would be to talk with him when he got out. Because with all the pressure, the game, the sleep, the lack of routine nights free, in a relationship and is in contact with the people special to him, it should be decided by a simple thing to do, took her.

For a journalist, she is also damage to the critical attitude of the Hadson to the image of Maria Gonzalez. “I was very disappointed to see that the strategy of dirty to him. In addition to this, I was very disappointed to see the hollowness in the friendship, I’m with Luke, because of the Hadson, confirmed to Philip that he would have the truth, and is not reported by Luke, and not in the Supermodel and the law,” he said.

“This is going to hurt Luke, and he shook a lot, if it is a lie, it came to the ear of the participants, and the last of it. That is a lie, Luke made feel very sad, when you feel betrayed and the target of a “grand strategy “changed”, Jane, to know who has supported Luke that he planned to go in the game.

“When he told me this, I began to think that he was on the inside. He said that I was sure he would do the program themselves. I was very surprised, “I’ve always been a private person in the social network,” he said.

According to Julia, that she was present at all stages of the tryouts, and I never feared, not because of the actions of Lucas in the house. “I was afraid only of the potential problems to be, in the image of him, the network, and the result is so far-reaching influence in the nation, the just the game, he would do the part,” he said.

In view of the close relationship between Luke and Mary, a young woman was necessary: “don ‘ T let me down, as well as all the other participants. From what I know of Lucas, he always had relationships with women, then this is the closeness and heat of him, and with them a part of the friendship, and you have no malice, on his part, at any time in the program.”