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In spite of the difficult moments that you had to experience Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the two have managed to push ahead with their relationship of 17 years. No doubt, the worked music, as an antidote for you, because the multi-million-dollar-couple has exposed their infidelity and excuse me in several of his songs.

Met when she was 18 years old and he was 30. This happened in 1999, as the rapper turned the video clip to “I got that; however, began to leave them, is secretly new in 2002.

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“Everything I have is in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend,” said the letter of the theme of “Bonnie & Clyde”, in which he collaborated with Beyoncé for the first time Jay-Z.

In the following year, the artist, is he as a soloist with the album “Dangerously in Love’, in which the musicians worked with two songs and left both look romance secret they had. In fact, ‘Crazy in love’ stayed eight weeks at number one.

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In this way, the pop star, she became the first woman to place an album and a song in the Top 1 of the ranking of the United States and the United Kingdom. And finally, during the MTV Music Awards in June 2004, in which Beyoncé and Jay-Z they showed for the first time as bride and groom.

Four years later, at the 4. in april 2008, the interpreter ‘Single Ladies’ and her friend said ‘Yes’ in a intimate ceremony and mystery in his own Department of the district of Tribecca New York city. With only 40 guests, the couple continued, Reaffirming that they prefer to wear their romance away from the cameras. Everything would indicate, to minimize that you prefer, the rumors of separation, when all was not well between the two.

Marriage of Beyoncé with Jay-Z

Not, however, the date of the marriage, served them with Hollywood to throw stars, the new album of the producers, ‘4.44’. In addition, it is worth to remind you that you were born on the 4th of day.

Beyoncé announced her pregnancy

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During his presentation at the MTV Music Awards, Beyonce said: “I have a surprise for you” and announced their first pregnancy. So, in January 2012, Blue Ivy Carter was born.

While the happiness overcome, the music industry, the hallowed, than the couple of million, because the heritage, the accumulated was, the both of 1.4 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

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In the year 2017, the singer is once again showed by your account Instagram that I mother of twins.

Infidelity by Jay-Z

However, not all of it was married rosy between, because Jay-Z she confessed in an interview with the daily newspaper New York Times that she was unfaithful to Beyoncé. “As hard as it is to see, on the face of the other the pain that you have done, and then have to deal with it,” he said.

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Also revealed that are used to save the moments of composition, and their songs as therapy, double bed room, what has helped you, the 17 years of their relationship.

“You must survive, and if it happens in this place, what? The close of all the emotions, and not able to connect. Also with the women, so that you are not able to log in, with nothing and no one… In my case deep. And then, all things go on from there: the infidelity,” said the entrepreneur.

In addition to the musical therapy with the partner, the singer said that even as a conventional therapy that has served him came to grow.