Jennifer Lopez and Ana Barbara accentuate your curves dressed in white


Jennifer Lopez and Ana Barbara emphasized her curves, dressed in white and confirm, that a woman can be beautiful at any age, if you hit it. Both are women Mature, moms, family, successful, and talented.

And there are colors that women love to dress, the time, the blue jeans, the black dress, but a color that fear him is white, because it reminds us of the shape of our body. Jennifer Lopez and Anna Barbara you know him, but rather than Dodge, which you accept as a challenge and show that ‘the is pretty, she is pretty’.

Both Jennifer Lopez how Anna Barbara have all kinds of comments and even the criticism to be unleashed, to dress because of their nature, but it is something that you have taken both, with rest, celebrate your own love and effort, was this figure.

Either with the Breakfast nutritious long hours in the gym, and even exercises in the house, Anna Barbara and Jennifer Lopez confirm that a healthy lifestyle prolongs the beauty that go beyond what the candles make a cake.

The white bear that lights up and inspired, Jennifer Lopez and Anna Barbara are the shows

This week Anna Barbara beautiful two white suits, the focused theorists, their tighter bends, with the two of them sat in front of a mirror and comments on social networks like Instagram decide not to wait. Friends of the singer reported that she was it angles – “perfect from all points of view.

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For his part, Jennifer Lopez thus his figure in a beautiful bathing suit red white with the enjoyed the sun of the season, before the arrival of the spring.

Today Jennifer Lopez back pose in white, but with a dress that left very little skin uncovered, and yet surprised with their attitude and elegance. Yes, the video is released her fiance, Alex Rodriguezone end was extremely unexpected.