Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme, girl’s day, after the success in the Super Bowl


Three days after her appearance in the Super Bowl, Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme are back in Miami even with the ‘hangover’ of success in addition to Shakira, which were referred to as “one of the best performances of the story’, the the date of year of sports is in the United States. Like any family, the versatile artist was to be seen, in addition to its small and in the company of her mother Guadalupein a casual day where you still enjoy what staged joint mother and daughter were playing songs together. And that’s when the singer rises from the tables is, is a woman close to the family, enjoys the small things such as sharing one morning ‘the girls’.

Jennifer Lopez and Emme, together with the mother of the singerVIEW GALLERY

The protagonist Estafadoras the Wall Street has always made it clear that your parents and your sisters they are, along with the rest of them, the pillar of your life. something in you has increased since the beginning of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. With him, ‘mother of’ large family thanks to the two daughters of the athletes, the exercise of older sisters with your little ones. This also includes his more, Marc Anthony, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship both personally and professionally. Just from their marriage the twins, Max born and Emme, the only one that wants to be in the moment, in the footsteps of their parents and, in relation to their interpretation Lets get loud and Born in the USA on Sunday, come stomping.

Jennifer Lopez has a Super cute post, your daughter Emme to the BowlVIEW GALLERY

So proud of Jennifer Lopez, who has not hesitated in sharing with your followers pictures before the concert the Super Bowl, in which, always followed by his daughter, the last details to his performance. To lose while Emme shows, nervous, but happy about this new chance, in addition to a children’s choir and a great group of little dancers, and his mother exercises, the captain and his team, Yes, without a bit of concentration. Lopez this little video has illustrated a beautiful text is dedicated to ‘mini troupe’: “All I want to use for my girls who accompanied me on the stage and the rest of the world that you know, your voices, and feel proud that you are doing this. We are proud to recognize that we are all together, this country is really big”.