Jennifer Lopez breaks the networks with your new sitting on the beach


The months of heat that are already here and the artists use, to separate from its close routineescape to Sunny places. The case is Jennifer Lopezwho has hung up after a month full of obligations a video that sees you, to laze and enjoy the beachin addition, the light remained a body of spectacular did not go unnoticed among his followers.

“No one likes a beach with shadow”the singer explains, along with the publication. The whole reason.

On 3. February, Jennifer Lopez is captured, recorded an historical presentation together with Shakira in the break of the Superbowl.

A spectacle, in the could the hours of the fitness center again the artist, born in New York, demostrándole the world for his incredible form.

Much to Jennifer Lopez may be a sign of physical and bring us together in love for twenty years with their dance numbers, the music that accompanies it, remains at the core of the artistic career.

A race with 8 studio albums and dozens of awards in the the constancy of, was his great ally to stay the time, in the Olympus of the music industry.

So much So that the interpreter The Ring is already back in the studiotry new ways to hechizarnos with her talent in the year 2020.

Without the pressure, J-Lo, make sure you get it.

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