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Today, on International women’s day, thousands of women took to the streets of Mexico city to protest, and the cessation of violence and the Express are calling for your outrage about the murders of women registered in the country.

Between these women, there are employees, Housewives, girls, students, Actresses, singers and journalists; women looking to go on the road without fear.

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For Martha Dechampslecturer and publirrelacionista, in addition to the family of the Mexican political Carlos Antonio Romero Deschampsit is important to be a woman, is an important place in the society.

“It is a blessing, because we said many wonderful things, but also we suffer a lot of violence in this time and we we’re marching us to the hands and that is why is here to us from this yoke, give us an important place, Martha Dechamps.

    Cristina Dal carillo, Martha Dechamps and Marisa Palomares

On the other hand, the crisis in the Mexican Sofia Lascurain he said the cause, by which it manifests itself, is for sure: “Because you have no fear and safety for all”.

sofia lascurain

He also attended the commissioning of the journalist Paola Red Hinojosa, who was at the first hour in a quota for questions of the society and the government more security and freedom for all congeners. The owner of news led a poster was made, and his sons, Leonardo and Paulo.

However, the journalist has sparked several reactions in the social networks, the video of an event that is not Mexico and this is the error, Paola Rojas apologized for the confusion and confirmed that he was among the participants of the March in Mexico city.

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“All the women of our security, our freedom, equality. The entry is so nice to be a woman, I’m grateful to learning for all, to me, all the women in my family, the women in my country and for me to be a woman is a chance, an opportunity, the best of me, and the opportunities for those women who have not had,” said the journalist in an interview with the magazine class. You can also read: Monica Garza in the unemployment-National women’s

paola red

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Finally, he says, Czarina Riverawho’s in charge of the quota Tümu that she is a woman, a creature worthy of respect and equality in the society.
“It is human to be too. We are what we are looking for is opportunities to everything you want to say, gender justice, we want equal wages, we want to go on the road, sure, we want a just world for our sons and daughters,” said Empress.

tsarina tamara rivera rivera