Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner claim to your curves in a swimsuit


Not to give Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, not a day, what to speak and to show us again and again surprised at her beautiful body in a bikini and showing her big retaguardias still be the envy of all.

Everything seems to indicate that was a day tanning in the familynow, Kylie shared a number of photos and videos where you can see it by your sun milk spray, and delighted us with their sculpture-figure.

In the picture, he is nothing specifically wrote in the description of more than two heartsa coffee and a black are the colors I used, each in her bikini.

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Both are rechargeable, and in a couple of pillows, one of which, in the sun, Kylie a swimsuit color coffeewhile Kim is a color black.

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The image with just one day of its publication about 8 million reactions a part of your trailer and thousands of comments also your family and friends, giving them compliments and flattery.

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Oh, the most beautiful women I know! Oh, I want both!”, Caitlyn wrote to Jenner for the publication.

Kim by your side, which is also the same image published on its official Instagram, which so far, with more than 3 million reactions.

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Ying and Yang,” wrote Kim in the description of your publication.

The whole clan of the kardashians you published your day with the family and, without a doubt, the feeling in social networks they all were with their spectacular body cut each of the would like to.

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Without a doubt, the socialités are they brought sigh your millions of followers in social networks.

Kim Kardashian in recent years, turned into girl more sexy in the world with a body spectacular and incredible curves, while Kylie Jenner wanted to follow him, his steps, and you could say that it has now exceeded to the, wherein the most influential person all over the world.