Kylie Jenner and her beauty tricks, the lips are thicker to


This is impossible, not to mention Kylie Jenner if you are on the lips more voluminous and sexy, What better example than her? The entrepreneur of only 22 years, is known throughout the world for their penchant for make-up and highlight your lips in each beauty look the immortalized, with a selfie. Switching between palettes nude or the colorful of his own company cosmetic expert knows how to a perfect pout in less than a minute. And for that, it is a limited series of products and three tricks very easy together with his millions of followers. The best part is that we all learn from it and replicate at home, learn how!

Kylie Jenner sees her baby hairs©@Kylie Jenner
Beauty expert posing coquettishly on the wrist with a colorful make-up and lips perfect in six

First step: the outline

At some point in this practice, the outside was makeup trends and was labeled as “artificial”; but Kylie has shown all its advantages. With a pen in a subtle pink hue-purple, star reality tv show drew her lips to the outside, with a pattern, quickly and with an emphasis both on the Cupid’s bow in the middle of the lower lip. This is fundamental to engrosarlos, in its natural form.

Kylie Jenner make-up for lips in the color nude©Instagram
A lipstick in liquid, the product is ideal to create a rich texture on the lips and make them visually thicker

Lipstick liquid, the volume to

Immediately, entrepreneur and founder Kylie Cosmetics a layer of lipstick liquid has been without having to leave the boundaries, had drawn the I seconds, starts right in the middle of the upper lip to the ends and then in the bottom, without excessive stress. The color, a derivative from the color palette, pink is not only ideal for the day and the night, allowed him to also add volume and texture in one step, as he posted in the tutorial in the official Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner with nude lips and black dress©@Kylie Jenner
With an outfit unicolor, the famous highlight your lips, so that it is the focal point in your beauty lookn