Meghan Markle and Beyonc in the main part of the meeting ms expected to contain (hug included)


14/07/2019 updated 23:44

Meghan Markle wanted to do, has a stop in your maternity leave, yesterday, we also see in the women’s final of Wimbledon, to sing along, if Prince Harry at the premiere The King Lenin London. The premiere was told that with the presence of Beyoncwho has released a entraable time with the The Duchess of Sussex.

If separately expectacin, cause the name of connect Meghan Markle and Beyonc is, dizziness, the less. The royal ms meditica and the diva have released the song today on the red carpet (in this case yellow) on the Leicester Square in London, where it took place, the European premiere of The King Lenthe new film of the factora Disney. Part of the recovery of the game, a film, a NGO, with the help of Prince Harry works in Africa.

The Dukes of Sussex at the premiere of
The Dukes of Sussex at the premiere of “The king, Len” Gtresonline

Despite the presence of numerous celebrities how Vin Diesel, Elton John, Pharrell Williams or Beyoncthe lioness Nala double in the film, the stars of the premier were the Dukes of Sussex. Meghan and Harry have success, all the flashes, and have unleashed the madness of the fans, with which you kindly provided.

But the photo of ms expected has taken place, when the grandson of Elizabeth II, and his wife have found Beyoncmaybe in a stunning dress, and your husband Jay-Z. The marriage of the artist in zombies. trending topic if you are in the last month of February, they dedicated themselves, through a video, is your price Brit, the Duchess of Sussex, who, shown in a field, welcomed their pregnancy.

The exactriz and singer fused in an embrace when they meet, and for a while was in the conversation. The connection was obvious. But, why did you say that? So to have been spoken in advance, some of the media the British, on their children. “The twins are not here today, not to accompany you on all trips,” I explained to her Beyonc to Meghan, while Jay-Z to him was a recommendation to the Prince Harry for the exercise of the father: “The best advice I can give you is that you can always you a little more time for you”.