Nuggets, the dog from Katy Perry, to glory, co-starring in your video clip


Katy Perry he fulfilled one of his greatest desires: the main role in one of his video clips, which you with your pet. The theme is “Small Talk” and already has more than 23 million reproductions in YouTube. From this role, the dog of the singer to fame the.

The video came out in august of this year. It was at this time that Katy Perry has decided to open an account of the Instagram Nuggets. The poodle color brown has already 33 thousand supporters.

Five of the seven publications of the dog were dedicated advertising for the song. In your account, Katy, the content also told, to know your pet, with the aim to give it to you. One of his videos sympathetic shows Nuggets “roaring”. “Oh, don’t make this angry! You See Small Talk!” wrote.

In addition to promoting their own work, the animal is already in front of good use of his popularity. In one of his posts, addiction, an awareness of his followers about the hurricane “Dorian” related to the Bahamas. “My friends from the animal protection Association were due to evacuate to my colleagues after the hurricane” you can read in your Instagram.

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