Partner of Jennifer Lopez is delighted to dress up in networks and dance like you


The famous managed to make her laugh displays a number of Internet users, after, to dance the two in front of a mirror.

9 Mar 2020 10:27From:

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez you have managed to consolidate, a wonderful family, highlighted in the last few years, the couples to the most well-known show-business-international.

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The two that have always shown the love you have on your social networks, although in many cases, were in the eye of the hurricane because of the predictions, which claimed that their relationship would be volatile and temporary.

Recently, the couple decided, in addition to the challenge of the digital platform Tik Tok with the help of which they managed to amuse many of his fans. By the official account of Instagram, the exbeisbolista he decided to share the video that made it that hundreds of people were able to enjoy, to see the just a few seconds, him and the singer joke between them.

But not for long clip, in that you could feel, Jennifer Lopez dancing in a very sexy dress, color white Rodriguez takeshowever, seconds later, the roles are exchanged, and he dressed as the artist of ‘Play’, moving the hips, as his fiancée.

Many of his fans did decide to perform more than 23 thousand comments where many of them told that the man danced a lot better than his wife, of course, with a tone very sarcastic and entertaining.

This is not the first time that the Americans publish you content, as a rule, show different things you like to do, and in General, the various activities both in the family as a partner.

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