Player Fortnite show how broken it can be white to skills


Player Fortnite started to complain after the selection of the skills show, which traps you opponent.

Game search, only based on the results in the games is a controversial idea from the start. Community is swallowed, and especially weaker people felt in his play, a great relief.

Now, however, a part of the people, shows on which opponent to fall. The user Reddita with Nick Pedro270707 came in to the temptation itself, and compare the player fell in the last game.

Be white to the arts

As you can see, Pedro270707 believes that the choice spoiled. He has 3 wins, while the game’s opponents, who managed to eliminate him, won with a total of 367 games.

It should, however, note two things. We have the beginning of the season. Epic seems to be that it is envisaged that this System sets in each season. This means that at the beginning of hard-to-matchmakingowi determine which level a particular Person.

And it looks indeed suspicious, that the difference is not so great. In the end, if the player is over 360 wins, is the result of such a tournament, but rather one is made a matter even before the fight.