Rihanna has an accident in a swimming pool


Rihanna, singer of songs such as Diamonds and Work gets in the pool in a tiny top, will light up your beauty in all its glory, and with him enthusiastically in the social networks to all your followers. The famous artist puts it on Instagram the picture that we are, to cheer their fans.

Rihanna looks atrevidísima in one of his recent images posted on Twitter and their fans are satisfied. It is striking, because there is no type of filter or retouching, photoshop image.

According to information in various news portals,, the picture of Rihanna was taken in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, during his recent visit to the work plan, the with their production.

Fans of Rihanna commented that it looks good, as always, and your beauty is unique.

Rihanna is perfect, leave, leave”; “he who criticises, that’s why he is sick”, say her fans.

Then reveal these pictures, Rihanna would like to share photos of her in the pool and sees a tiny swimsuit color to reveal green and almost her Breasts.

The series of pictures of Rihanna with one of her alone, immersed in the pool, others pose in front of the camera, wearing a green jacket and yellow leopard print, you will see the small top.

The lure of Rihanna are unique and will make you look really nice in any power outlet.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the complete name of the artist, originally from Saint Michael, Barbados (1988), and apart from singer, entrepreneur, designer, actress, diplomat, writer and philanthropist is the best known.

Rihanna is known through merging of genres in the Caribbean with the pop music and reinvent its image over the years.